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It has been quite some time sense I’ve posted anything here on EP, this is due to a lack of inspiration that is due to a busy life of learning and taking pleasure in the moments I’ve had in relaxation. Now, now I have far too much time to think and far too little to do. Season’s greetings, happy holidays, merry Christmas.

In the time I’ve been away I’ve been studying diligently. New software to learn, new programming languages to learn, new people to meet (who are mostly the same to those I’ve met before), but most joyous of all, new methods of thinking.

As for my own down time, reading, vast amounts of reading. And of course the ever pleasant and present distraction of video games. The homeliness of the virtual realities that have sustained me during my times of sorrow and overwhelming loneliness. An almost physical manifestation of my dreams without the aids of drugs, a life that I’ve been striving to disinvolve myself from in the hopes of improving myself (to what aims I’ve yet to rationalise or divine, it is just something new, or old, depending on how you look at it, to do).

If any remember, an ex-girlfriend contacted me relatively recently and it affected me deeply. Once that fantasy was torn apart I recklessly and foolishly sort other souls to be joined in. With the memories and pains of lost love freshly weighing on my mind and metaphorical heart I caused needless suffering to those who became attached to me. All in a fruitless effort to disassociate and to forget the one I truly cared for and loved. An act I have trouble forgiving myself for as I’ve done this many a time with varying results of ‘understanding’.

As a side note, thank you Sany for your patience and your (true, experienced) understanding.

So. In this time of inactivity, I’ve been drawn to thoughts that the more optimistic side of myself would call philosophical. If any who read this have read (or more to the point, thought) of philosophy, then you would know that a mere blog post is not enough to express philosophical thoughts. As arrogant as that sounds, it most certainly is not, there literally is too much to speak of to explain the subjective concept thought to a point of clarity. Hence the need for art, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

 Considering my pessimistic (Meaning: an optimist sorely disappointed by reality, a reality that is so ‘easily’ changed by society’s priorities) disposition, little of my thoughts are of a positive nature. Those that are, are of a scientific nature. Quantifiable, logical, readily understandable, ‘facts’ (philosophy: facts are changeable with new data, such is the nature of epistemology when viewed from an ‘available theory’ perspective) are of a comfort to me. Almost contradictory, history has been of great interest to me. To ignore the past is to doom yourself to repeat it in the future. 


 People, humans, life, the society we (all of us contribute to it wether we realise it or not, despite the illusion of a democracy [two party] that is emulated across those nations that proclaim it to be a source of ‘enlightenment’) create. To those that are free of thought, it is a mad world, one worthy of hope and dreams, and one worth morning for the state of which it has become.
For those of you who know HTML code < / end rant >
May your lives be more fulfilling and joyous than my own.

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